I prayed to God before that someday the SFC ICON will be in Metro Manila and praise God because He answered my prayer. It is an honor for me to be a part of the biggest SFC event and this is my very first International Conference. I was happy because even some parts of the world have also SFC community especially in Southeast Asian countries (I was hoping that there will be South Korean or Chinese chapter hehehe). Allow me to write down all of my sharing and thoughts that I had.


The first session talked about rekindle which is the theme of Couples for Christ this year. A simple conclusion was made here: Continue to be the light to everyone especially for those people who are still trapped in the dark. The first session thought us to rekindle our faith and love in all aspects of our life (Mt. 5-14-16) so that others will follow and getting to know Christ more and more.


I attended a workshop called “Post-worthy.” I was guilty of posting too much melancholic and disparaging thoughts because of the overwhelming adversaries in this world. But that workshop reminded me not to use SNS as a personal journal because it can affect your good image to everyone. Nowadays, It is almost there to make my posts positive and well-balanced. SNS is a helpful tool to keep in touch with one another but it can be also harmful in the sense of using too much social media that can affect family relationship. I remembered a photo before that if Satan cannot make you bad, he can make you busy and that is through spending your whole life using SNS rather than building a strong relationship with someone. Posting is also an indicator if we are showing good or bad image to everyone so before posting, let us reflect and think very carefully.


The second session (2-17-18) was about serving the Lord sincerely. In my case, there are times that I serve half-heartedly because there are some cases that I think of anything while worshipping God in our CLP for example. This is quite alarming for me so I always trying my best to focus totally on the Lord without any distractions. The second session also reflects in Luke 10:27 that we should love and serve God with all of our heart, mind, body, and soul. Also the second session made a reflection wherein I heard some people who are crying. I also cried not only in pain but in anger because of the bad experiences this month and more adversaries to come. I grieved to the Lord in anger because I was so vulnerable in facing the giants, my faith is as small as a grain of sand, and because of those people who hurt me so much especially to my online students at work who are so demanding and intimidating. I always ask God not to introduce those students to me but I don’t know why they are still there, anyway… During that time, only God touched my heart and He always reminded me to be strong always and follow His commands very well.  To stay calm no matter what and always execute compassion.


The third session talks about trusting God. The pray over session in the third talk was my favorite part because I fall into categories like healing (I pray for my health because I am diagnosed with Pulmonary Tuberculosis as well as my mother.), God’s gift (I pray for my right woman but I guess the Lord God is still training me to be a right man first. It is very painful for me to wait but I have to because the Lord God is just taking me away from wrong women), and bondage from addictions (until now, I really cannot escape from masturbation, fantasizing,and pornography due to I don’t have a girlfriend. I cannot take this anymore and I always ask God to make me free from this bondage. I really cried this out in that session).


The final session I think is the heaviest talk made by Bro. Noli Manuel. He is challenging all SFC community to embrace the other people like widowers, single parents, LGBT, and divorced. You know what, I have two coworkers. One is a single mom that I had a crush on her before but she didn’t like me without any reason because she liked a guy who is also my coworker and former friend of mine. That guy was tried to be friendly to me but

I didn’t entertained him because he was a crowd favorite due to his humorous attitude and I don’t want him as my friend because I don’t have sense of humor. So that single mother had a clingy attitude to that guy which at the end it didn’t work because that guy is a gay. I judged both of them. I judged a single mother because of her past and some worldly lifestyle and I judged a homosexual guy because I cannot see a brotherly trust on him. I feel guilty for not being open to those people and I was distracted by my emotions. I thought before that those people don’t  deserve God’s Kingdom. I was so judgemental to those people but because of that talk, the Lord God is inviting me this year to welcome them, to have an open mind and heart to them, and to love them. This is the only way to release them from bondage of worldly distractions.


Forgiveness, comfort, and brotherly advice was experienced in SFC ICON 2018: Relentless. I like the quote made by a worship leader in which he said God is crazy — crazy in loving us. So he encouraged us to be crazy (Caring and Relentless from A to Z which starts from You). Overall, SFC ICON 2018 and SFC at 25 made me a very good impression in my life and I believe that through this event, the Lord Jesus encourage me to avail the “sale” of repenting and returning to Him.


(walang pamagat)

(note: baka sabihin niyo bitter na naman ako. BASA MUNA.)


Ngayon ko lang naramdaman yung pagod na kaibiganin at ligawan ang mga babaeng hindi naman kalooban ni Lord. Hindi ko ito naramdaman dati siguro ay dahil hindi pa ako SFC noong mga panahong iyon pero ngayong taon na ito ko naramdaman yung surrendering. During my prayer time (1-17-18) iniyakan ko ito kay Lord dahil PAGOD NA PAGOD na akong magkagusto sa hindi naman Niya kalooban dahil lamang sa infatuation o dahil wala lang — para lang matugunan ang kalungkutan dulot ng pagiging single. Sinabi ko sa Panginoon na sa susunod ay wala na sanang sumunod pa na may magkagusto akong babae tapos pagdating sa huli ay hindi naman magko-consistent. Some of the girls kasi at the beginning ay naging maganda ang conversation ngunit hindi nagtagal ay bigla na lamang nanlamig. I am so sick and tired of those situations. Kahit nga yung magkapareho kami ng hobbies tulad ng niligawan ko dati na magkapareho kami ng hobbies sa pagtugtog pero palatanggi naman sa mga paanyaya ko, ayun, nangabigo rin.


I exerted my efforts nowadays to become friendly to my crushes at ligawan na rin sila nang paunti-unti. Dati kasi torpe ako pero kailangan ko nang kumilos bilang isang brother, isang knight — I have to mingle na but in the Lord’s way at hindi na worldly way (lustful flirting, secular clinging, etc.) I had lots of crushes and all of them are failed. Hindi ko alam dati kung bakit until I found out na kasi gusto ni Lord na sanayin muna ako na magmahal sa pamilya at sa mga nakapaligid sa akin. Kasi gusto ni Lord na mahalin ko muna siya, gusto Niya na Siya lagi ang una sa mga taong aking iibigin through being obedient to Him, continue to please and worship Him, and to serve and trust Him more and more. Yung dahil hindi ako humorous, siguro hindi na mababago iyon dahil ganito na talaga ang personality ko — SERIOUS TYPE pero ngumingiti naman ako’t tumatawa and kung gugustuhin naman ng Panginoon na maging humorous guy ako, bakit ko naman tatanggihan!


The Lord has spoken to me to become a good provider first in my family. Have a savings in my bank for the future (gusto ko ring magkaroon ng sariling bahay, sariling negosyo para sa nanay ko basta’t hindi hassle yung transpo at iba pa.). The Lord has spoken to me to surrender all of my vices through the sacrament of confession and commit myself first to Christ dahil sabi nila kapag nagtiwala ako sa Panginoon nang buong puso, ang lahat ng ninanais ng puso at isip ay maibibigay (Mt. 6:33). Napasakit ang mga nangyayari sa akin pagdating sa Christian courtship kaya ang naging bukambibig ko na lamang ay ang assurance na si Lord ay inilalayo lang ako sa maling tao o ipinakilala na Niya sa akin ang Godly woman pero hindi pa panahon dahil maski siya ay sinasanay rin ng Panginoon na maging mature — spiritually, emotionally, and socially. Naniniwala ako na hinuhubog lang kaming dalawa ng Panginoon na maging mabuti at masunurin sa lahat ng oras at kapag nangyari iyon, ayun! This will be the right time to meet my Godly woman and she will meet me as well.


Kahit nga yung Godly woman ko na hindi ko pa nakikita o nakita ko man ay hindi pa right time ay nagsalita rin sa akin na ayusin ko muna ang aking sarili. Patatagin ko muna ang relasyon ko sa Panginoon. Naging mahirap ito sa akin dahil siyempre, palagi akong nagkakasala. Hindi na talaga maiiwasan na magkaroon tayo ng negative things about us or maging backsliden Christian pero sa bandang huli, dapat naroon pa rin ang repentant heart na handang humingi ng tawad sa Panginoon at magbalik-loob  upang sumunod sa Kaniyang mga plano.


You know what, I prayed to the Lord and said “Lord, I will still continue to be friendly especially with girls but Lord if I will meet a woman sana ay Godly love na ito dahil pagod na pagod na po akong mag-infatuate. I am tired of courting a wrong woman. So Lord, gust give me signs for this not only for my right girl but also for my right career and my righteousness just like Jesus.” Kung ang isa man sa mga naging crushes ko ay dumating at Godly love na talaga sa pagkakataong ito, hindi na akong magdadalawang-isip na ibigin siya nang buong puso na katulad ng paglilingkod at pagmamahal ko sa Panginoon nang buong puso.


Allow me to give some advice to all single men and women out there:


For all single women, kapag mayroong nanliligaw sa inyo, tanungin niyo na agad sila ng mga mabibigat na tanong tulad ng

“Bakit mo ako nililigawan?,”

“Ano ang life goals mo?,”

“May matindi ka bang pagmamahal sa Diyos. Kung maging girlfriend mo man ako ay kaya mo ba akong mapalapit kay Lord?,”

“Kumusta ang pakikipagrelasyon mo sa iyong pamilya at kay Lord?,”

“May savings ka na ba?,”

“Kung maging girlfriend mo ba ako, handa ka na bang kaibiganin ang pamilya ko?.”

“Handa ka na bang pagtiisan yung personality ko?.”


Siyempre, sasagot ang manliligaw sa inyo. Kapag sa palagay ninyo ay kapani-paniwala o sinsero siya sa kaniyang sinasabi, then allow them to court you but still pray for them kasi baka pakitang-tao lang ito or he is just using his power of lip service so prayer and discernment really works. In contrast, kapg sa palagay ninyo ay hindi naman sinsero ang manliligaw, I really really hate to say this pero bastedin niyo na. Napakahirap naman maging bf ang isang lalaking humorous nga pero wala namang ipon. Napakahirap naman maging bf ang isang lalaking ang pogi nga pero barumbado na nga ugali, wala pang koneksiyon sa Panginoon. At napakahirap naman maging bf ang isang lalaking good provider nga pero hindi naman mahal ang kaniyang pamilya at hindi naman totoo ang life goals niya.


For all single men, don’t get discouraged kung mabasted man kayo kasi katulad nga ng sinabi ko, inilalayo tayo ni Lord sa maling tao, may nakalaan talaga si Lord na babaeng nababagay sa ating pagkatao at kakayahan pero siyempre, kailangan pa rin natin ng improvement katulad ng proper hygiene and grooming (napaka importante talaga niyan. Ang galing mo ngang magpatawa, pogi ka nga pero polluted naman ang hininga.) Learn how to wait. Be a good provider in your family and make sure that you have enough savings in your bank. I will strongly recommend you na magkaroon kayo ng ugnayan sa Panginoon o kahit sanayin niyo ang sarili na maging mabuting tao. Sanayin niyo muna ang sarili na mahalin ang pamilya at ang Panginoon. Pakibawasan na rin ang alak at sigarilyo dahil kung ako ang babae, MALAKING TURN-OFF SA AKIN IYAN! Kung mayroon man tayong ugali na intimidating ay idadaan na lamang iyan sa masinsinang negosasyon at pagwawasto in the Lord’s way. Siguraduhin ninyo na mayroon kayong kongkretong life goals at hindi yung inimbento lang kasi kapag imbento lang, lumalabas lang na nagpapakitang-tao lang kayo or nagpapa-impress lang kayo sa nililigawan ninyo. Siguraduhin niyo rin na may kongkreto kayong intensyon o motibo kung bakit niyo siya nililigawan dahil maari iyan itanong sa inyo. Then kapag nagkaroon na kayo ng mutual understanding sa inyong nililigawan tapos in the right time pa, ask them these questions like:


“Handa ka na bang tulungan ang ating mga pamilya?”

“Handa ka na bang maging good person sa lahat ng nakapaligid sa atin?”

“Handa ka na bang maging malapit sa Panginoon na katulad ng aking ginawa.”

“Handa ka na bang sumuporta sa ating mga life goals?”

“Handa ka rin bang magbigay ng comfort sa akin (Kasi kahit kaming mga lalaki ay emotionally hurt din. Nadadapa rin, nagkakasala rin so girls, all you have to do is to pray for them. Kadalasan kasi mga lalaki ang nagbibigay ng comfort kapag nagtatampo ang babae pero I think it would be better kung 50-50.)


Ako sa aking kaso, ang kadalasan kong intensyon at motibo kung bakit ako nanliligaw ay dahil gusto kong iparamdam din sa kanila ang pag-ibig ng Diyos na katulad din ng ibinabahagi ko sa aking pamilya at sa service at sa pagbabakasakaling magkaroon ng compliment para mabawasan kahit papaano ang aking negative personalities (intimidating, too shy and quiet, sometimes verbally abusive, easily discouraged, at madaling mapanghinaan ng loob). Iyon ang mga main intension ko in courting a woman but as far as the spirit of the Living God is concerned, I am exerting my best efforts to diminish all of my negative personalities in order for me to grow.


Valentines month (or day 2-14) is not an event for couples, it should be for ALL. Kasi napakadali nang magmahal ng kasintahan, ng pamilya, ng mga kaibigan — ang dali nang mahalin iyan. Pero subukan ninyong magmahal ng isang ampon, ng isang preso, ng mga hayop, ng mga street dwellers, ng mga mahirap pakibagayan/mahalin bagama’t sa ating mga sarili ay sobrang hirap mahalin ang mga ganitong tao ngunit as far as our Christian identity is concerned, let us share it. Kung ano man ang resulta, ang mahalaga ay sinunod natin ang utos ng Diyos na ibigin ang kapwa at hindi tayo namimili ng taong iibigin natin. Oo, sobrang hirap niyan pero kapag nasa inyo ang Diyos, gagabayan Niya kayo upang mahalin ang mga ganitong klaseng tao.


Never stop loving, TRUE LOVE WAITS… Sumunod lang tayo sa Panginoon at darating din ang taong nakalaan sa atin… God bless.


Open Letter From a Godly Woman

NOTE: This is not because I’m crazy but at that time, my Godly woman speaks to me in silence….




Hi mahal, kumusta ka na? Hanggang ngayon ba ay marami ka pang inaalala? Kumusta na ang relasyon mo sa Panginoon, lumalakas ba o humihina na naman?

Alam mo, kaya hanggang ngayon ay hindi muna ako nagpapakita sa iyo ay dahil may mga alinlangan ka pa sa kapangyarihan ng Panginoon. Alam mong itinutuwid ka Niya upang maging isang mabuting lingkod ngunit patuloy ka pa ring gumagawa ng mga bagay na hindi naaayon sa Kaniyang kagustuhan. Hanggang ngayon ay matigas pa rin ang ulo mo dahil sinabi na nga ng Panginoon sa iyo na unahin mo munang mahalin siya ngunit minsan inuuna mo ang paghahanap mo sa akin. Nasasaktan ka hindi dahil lahat ng mga nagugustuhan mo ay ayaw sa iyo o lumalayo sa iyo kundi dahil mayroong dapat ayusin sa iyong sinseridad at pagtitiwala sa Diyos.

Batid niya na ikaw ay nawawalan ng focus sa Kaniya kaya naman binibigyan ka na Niya ng sapat na kapangyarihan upang makayanan mong magtiwala at maglingkod sa Kaniya nang buong puso. Nasa iyo na lamang kung ito’y buong puso mong tatanggapin at kakayanin.

At saka paano ako magpapakilala sa iyo mahal ko kung patuloy kang nag-iisip ng mga mahahalay na bagay sa puso at isip mo? Ang Diyos ay buong higpit kang pinagbabawalan na iwanan mo na ang mga ito. Naniniwala akong magagawa mong labanan ang tuksong ito dahil nakasisira ito sa relasyon mo sa Diyos, sa pamilya, at sa akin.

O di kaya siguro ay ipinakilala na ako ng Diyos sa iyo ngunit hindi pa panahon dahil kahit ako ay hinuhubog din Niya na maging isang mabuting lingkod. Mahal, matuto ka lang na maghintay sa akin, darating ako, pangako — sundin mo lamang ang Diyos nang buong puso at magpatuloy ka lamang sa panalangin. Isuko mo kay Hesus ng lahat ng iyong mga kasalanan at alinlangan sa buhay. Hayaan mong si Hesus na hubugin ka nang husto bilang right man ko kahit paunti-unti.

Batid din Niya na mayroon kang kakulangan sa pakikipag-usap sa tao kaya naman tuturuan ka Niya kung paano ito gawin sa pamamagitan ng service mo sa SFC. Alam kong matindi kang magmahal at gustung-gusto ko iyan ngunit nawa’y mapaigting mo sana ang kababaang-loob at sana hindi ka rin namimili ng tao. Continue to share your love to people and I will really appreciate it and motivate me to know you very well.

Batid ng Diyos ang pagmamahal mo sa pamilya at pagtutok mo sa life goals kasama Siya. Ipagpatuloy mo lang iyan dahil maski ako ay hinuhubog din Niya ako sa pagmamahal sa pamilya at life goals ko. Kapag nangyari iyon, hindi na ako magdadalawang isip na ibigin ka.

Ang sarap Teddy na magmahal lalo na kapag nanggagaling sa presensiya ng Panginoong Hesus. Kapag nagkita tayo sa tamang panahon ay sabay tayong tulungan ang ating pamilya at ating sarili. Sabaya tayong haharap sa mga tukso at pagsubok sa buhay. Sabay rin tayong mapapaigting ang tiwala at pag-ibig natin sa isa’t isa, malapit man ang ating pinanggalingan o malayo.

Alam kong nalulungkot ka na, Teddy, TRUE LOVE WAITS. Serve lang nang serve. Alam ng Diyos ang nilalaman ng puso’t isipan mo. Trust Jesus more and more. Ako rin, gusto ko na rin kitang makilala at ibigin nang tunay. Kapit lang Teddy sa Panginoon, darating ako, magtiwala’t maghintay ka lang.

O paano, hanggang dito na lamang muna. Ingat ka palagi ha. Mahal na mahal kita.


Your Girlfriend,

Godly woman.

Autobiographical Essay

Mercy and Compassion in a Camp


“ If you help the poor, you are lending to the LORD–and he will repay you!” — Proverbs 19:17

This is the second time that the Lord tapped me again to give blessings to the unfortunate. Wayback June 11, 2017 when we visited Fernando Air Base Elementary School in Lipa, Batangas. The last time was last year in Malasiqui, Pangasinan but I would like to emphasize my marvelous experiences in ANCOP Back to School Program.

It is an honor for me to visit in a well-known air base camp in the Philippines but the thing that I surprised was there is a small community wherein there is a school for the children inside the camp. I feel happy and all of my problems for the past days were removed because of the kids who were very excited to see us and to receive God’s blessings.

All volunteers including me were so happy to serve those pupils from different grades. Although some of them are importunate or troublesome (I think it is because of the noise from other peers or the heat), we still showed patience to them for the reason that God loves children so we should also love those too. I was assigned as the attendance checker, writing the names of beneficiaries with a tape as their name plate and I am very grateful to that. It is the Lord who gave me that task in order to know the kids very well. Inside the school were lots of games including word match maker wherein the pupils should match the english word into its Filipino counterpart or vice versa. We also played guessing game about the things that a student should do before, during, and after the school. Those activities won’t be complete without prizes and freebies.

But the highlight of the program was giving school supplies to the kids. The school supplies that we gave came from the loving hands of brothers and sisters in SFC — Central B. I’m sure that Jesus is so happy to see us using our own money to serve the poor and to give without hesitation because God loves a cheerful giver (2 Cor. 9:7). You know, what’s the best thing here is to hear some pupils who give thanks to us and it made our hearts tendered and humbled. We didn’t stop giving and sharing love to them even though the rain was so strong and we cannot barely hear each other. This is a good example how powerful is God’s love and how strong is our hearts when it comes to people.

As the program continued, there were so many photo opportunities with selected pupils, the whole beneficiaries including the teachers, and volunteer team of SFC — Central B. We are really called to love, we are really called to serve, and we are really called to handle God’s children with care.


Blog Challenge: Day Thirty

My goals for the next 30 days

So that will be from June 15 to July 15 no, Well, ayoko nang mag-set ng goals kasi hindi naman siya natutupad. Siguro ang magagawa ko na lamang ay unti-untiin na lang. Hindi naman siguro kailangan madaliin dahil may tamang tiyempo para sa bawat goals na nais natin makamit. Of course, we have to work for it para mangyari iyon kasi kahit manalangin tayo at wala naman tayong pagkilos ay wala ring saysay. So, not only God can work for us but even ourselves should also make our efforts to do such goals in life.

Kung anomang goals na mayroon tayo, kailangan nating kausapin ang Panginoon for His advice and approval at kapag sinunod natin ang mga ipinagagawa Niya sa atin ay walang dudang ibibigay Niya ang kahilingan natin. Kung matutulungan natin ang ating sarili upang pagsumikapang makamtan ang pangarap natin, walang dudang ibibigay ito sa atin nang buong-buo.

I have so many goals in life which I already give it to the Lord, I will do the efforts and He will do the approval.

“Datapuwat hanapin muna ninyo ang Kaniyang kaharian at ang Kaniyang katuwiran at ang lahat ng mga bagay na ito ay pawang idaragdag sa inyo.” — Mateo 6:33

Autobiographical Essay

Blog Challenge: Day Twenty-Eight

Something that I miss

Note: I hope that this will be the last time that I will mention this because I have already moved on and committed to spiritual goals though it is painful.

I have a good girl who have been my LDR for three years (since 2012). We had a pleasurable relationship, committed with lustful acts without any physical contact — only texting all day long. She treated me as her boyfriend because I am so nice to her. I made her smile through this sinful activity which is definitely don’t define love. The things that I missed her are she is so clingy. Her playful thoughts made me naughty and nice and she is beautiful as well.

Ngayon, she has no facebook or instagram accounts anymore. I mean, she signed off for the unknown reason. I already confessed it in the sacrament of confession that I committed adultery — mentally and via text. Even though I am already in the service, I’m still thinking of her which is I am exerting to forget her forever! It’s haunting me.

Now in this blog, although this made me miss so much, this is the last time that I will mention this shameful experience. God already forgive me for that sin and I can also share that experience to serve as a warning. Lust is a fake version of love. True love waits, true love has physical presence.


Blog Challenge: Day Twenty-nine

My 10 people (dead or alive) that i would like to invite for a dinner

I think the dinner menu would be most Filipino foods. I think those persons hava already tried American, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, or whatsoever foreign cuisine. Now this time I would like to try Filipino food to them such as Adobo,Sinigang,Tapsilog,Lechon,Kare-Kare, and Sisig.

But wait,there are some filipino personalities who are also included in the list, so maybe it will be churros aside from Filipino food.

The following persons (dead or alive) would I like to invite for a dinner are the ff:

1. Matthew Bellamy
2. Brian May
3. Stevie T.
4. Teddy Diaz (✝)
5. Kirk Hammett
6. Dimebag Darrell (✝)
7. Miriam Quiambao — Roberto
8. Ramon Bautista
9. Vic Garcia
10. Herman Li