Autobiographical Essay

Mercy and Compassion in a Camp


“ If you help the poor, you are lending to the LORD–and he will repay you!” — Proverbs 19:17

This is the second time that the Lord tapped me again to give blessings to the unfortunate. Wayback June 11, 2017 when we visited Fernando Air Base Elementary School in Lipa, Batangas. The last time was last year in Malasiqui, Pangasinan but I would like to emphasize my marvelous experiences in ANCOP Back to School Program.

It is an honor for me to visit in a well-known air base camp in the Philippines but the thing that I surprised was there is a small community wherein there is a school for the children inside the camp. I feel happy and all of my problems for the past days were removed because of the kids who were very excited to see us and to receive God’s blessings.

All volunteers including me were so happy to serve those pupils from different grades. Although some of them are importunate or troublesome (I think it is because of the noise from other peers or the heat), we still showed patience to them for the reason that God loves children so we should also love those too. I was assigned as the attendance checker, writing the names of beneficiaries with a tape as their name plate and I am very grateful to that. It is the Lord who gave me that task in order to know the kids very well. Inside the school were lots of games including word match maker wherein the pupils should match the english word into its Filipino counterpart or vice versa. We also played guessing game about the things that a student should do before, during, and after the school. Those activities won’t be complete without prizes and freebies.

But the highlight of the program was giving school supplies to the kids. The school supplies that we gave came from the loving hands of brothers and sisters in SFC — Central B. I’m sure that Jesus is so happy to see us using our own money to serve the poor and to give without hesitation because God loves a cheerful giver (2 Cor. 9:7). You know, what’s the best thing here is to hear some pupils who give thanks to us and it made our hearts tendered and humbled. We didn’t stop giving and sharing love to them even though the rain was so strong and we cannot barely hear each other. This is a good example how powerful is God’s love and how strong is our hearts when it comes to people.

As the program continued, there were so many photo opportunities with selected pupils, the whole beneficiaries including the teachers, and volunteer team of SFC — Central B. We are really called to love, we are really called to serve, and we are really called to handle God’s children with care.


Blog Challenge: Day Thirty

My goals for the next 30 days

So that will be from June 15 to July 15 no, Well, ayoko nang mag-set ng goals kasi hindi naman siya natutupad. Siguro ang magagawa ko na lamang ay unti-untiin na lang. Hindi naman siguro kailangan madaliin dahil may tamang tiyempo para sa bawat goals na nais natin makamit. Of course, we have to work for it para mangyari iyon kasi kahit manalangin tayo at wala naman tayong pagkilos ay wala ring saysay. So, not only God can work for us but even ourselves should also make our efforts to do such goals in life.

Kung anomang goals na mayroon tayo, kailangan nating kausapin ang Panginoon for His advice and approval at kapag sinunod natin ang mga ipinagagawa Niya sa atin ay walang dudang ibibigay Niya ang kahilingan natin. Kung matutulungan natin ang ating sarili upang pagsumikapang makamtan ang pangarap natin, walang dudang ibibigay ito sa atin nang buong-buo.

I have so many goals in life which I already give it to the Lord, I will do the efforts and He will do the approval.

“Datapuwat hanapin muna ninyo ang Kaniyang kaharian at ang Kaniyang katuwiran at ang lahat ng mga bagay na ito ay pawang idaragdag sa inyo.” — Mateo 6:33

Autobiographical Essay

Blog Challenge: Day Twenty-Eight

Something that I miss

Note: I hope that this will be the last time that I will mention this because I have already moved on and committed to spiritual goals though it is painful.

I have a good girl who have been my LDR for three years (since 2012). We had a pleasurable relationship, committed with lustful acts without any physical contact — only texting all day long. She treated me as her boyfriend because I am so nice to her. I made her smile through this sinful activity which is definitely don’t define love. The things that I missed her are she is so clingy. Her playful thoughts made me naughty and nice and she is beautiful as well.

Ngayon, she has no facebook or instagram accounts anymore. I mean, she signed off for the unknown reason. I already confessed it in the sacrament of confession that I committed adultery — mentally and via text. Even though I am already in the service, I’m still thinking of her which is I am exerting to forget her forever! It’s haunting me.

Now in this blog, although this made me miss so much, this is the last time that I will mention this shameful experience. God already forgive me for that sin and I can also share that experience to serve as a warning. Lust is a fake version of love. True love waits, true love has physical presence.


Blog Challenge: Day Twenty-nine

My 10 people (dead or alive) that i would like to invite for a dinner

I think the dinner menu would be most Filipino foods. I think those persons hava already tried American, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, or whatsoever foreign cuisine. Now this time I would like to try Filipino food to them such as Adobo,Sinigang,Tapsilog,Lechon,Kare-Kare, and Sisig.

But wait,there are some filipino personalities who are also included in the list, so maybe it will be churros aside from Filipino food.

The following persons (dead or alive) would I like to invite for a dinner are the ff:

1. Matthew Bellamy
2. Brian May
3. Stevie T.
4. Teddy Diaz (✝)
5. Kirk Hammett
6. Dimebag Darrell (✝)
7. Miriam Quiambao — Roberto
8. Ramon Bautista
9. Vic Garcia
10. Herman Li


Blog Challenge: Day Twenty Seven

A problem that I had in the past.

Yung panahong nagkaroon kami ng socio-economic slump sa aming pamilya, five years ago. Nagkaroon kasi ng malakas na habagat noong August 2012. Pagkatapos noon ay doon na nagsimula yung sunud-sunod na pagsubok sa amin: Nagka-pulmonya nang matindi yung tatay ko, nalugi ang negosyo namin, napunta kami sa mga hindi magagandang bahay na nilipatan namin, namatay ang tatay ko — three years ago, nagkaproblema kami sa pagbabayad ng matrikula, at two years din akong walang trabaho(2014-6).

Lahat ng iyon ay masasabi kong darkest years of my life. Noong mga panahong iyon ay hindi kona alam ang gagawin ko. Naapektuhan yung inner motivation ko at napalitan siya ng discouragement and sadness. Minsan, kailangan ding mangyari ang mga ito dahil sinusubukan talaga tayo ng Panginoon kung gaano kahaba ang pasensiya natin at gaano katibay ang pananampalataya natin sa Kaniya. Bagama’t nalagpasan namin ang lahat ng mga ito ay kinakailangan ko pa rin ng suporta mula sa Panginoon sa pamamagitan ng mga taong nakakausap ko. Napanghihinaan talaga ako ng loob kapag may kumakausap sa akin upanh i-discourage ako o naglalaro ng devil’s advocate.

Problems are everywhere at inaasahan kong may mga susunodpang problema, but as long as I have faith in God, as long as my prayer is strong, I can do all things (Phil 4:13).


Blog Challenge: Day Twenty-six

If you have $1,000,000. How will you spend it?

Katumbas ito ng Php 45 million sa atin no. I will spend it for:

1. Camella house and lot — one for my family and one for me (let’s say 3 million each so that will be 6,000,000)
2. 1,000,000 donation fund especially SFC fund
3. 1,000,000 worth of musical instruments and accesories.
4. 100,000 worth of grocery items and sewing services

total: Php 8,100,000

5. Savings — tig 12.3 Million pesos kami bawat isa.

Autobiographical Essay

Blog Challenge: Day 25

Someone who fascinates you and why

Sa ngayon, among the women that I encountered at nagustuhan, sa ngayon ay mas nangibabaw yung coworker ko na single mom.

She is so hot talaga, as in she likes mountain climbing and she is so feminine. Sa tuwing nakikita ko iyon ay hindi ko maiwasang magkaroon ng mental affair sa kaniya which is very very dangerous. Pinilit ko talagang hindi magkagusto sa kaniya a a s simply because she has already a 3 year old son at kung sakaling maging girlfriend ko siya ay mapupuno ako ng guilt because I committed adultery eh ayoko nun.

So, I always discern her everyday. Not only her pero sa mga iba ko pang crushes na nagugustuhan ko kasi napakahirap din naman na ma-overwhelmed sa dami ng mga magugustuhan kong babae so I discern all of them.

That girl is an outgoing person — mountain climbing, books reading, swimming, family-oriented, and I hope na maging bukas din siya sa pag-ibig ng Panginoon.